Friday, November 1, 2013

November 2013

We're almost, almost there!
Will you please partner with us?
 This is for all of you who have been waiting until the end or have been thinking that they need to support us, but have not gotten around to it yet.  This is your time! We are really almost, almost there!  Please pray about how the Lord would have you partner with us!  Maybe you are not yet a partner or maybe you would consider increasing your partnership.

1How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?  Romans 10:14-15

How can I partner?   Mission to the World (the organization with which I work) has a website.  The link is here:  It give you information on how to give.  You may also call 678-823-0030, and they will help you. 

The important thing is our account number.  It's 12730. And there are many different kinds of ways to give.  You may give monthly, quarterly, yearly, or one time. 

You also ALWAYS pray for us as we prepare to go.  Please pray for the Lord to provide the remaining 10% of our monthly support, for the Lord to prepare our hearts and the hearts of those in Zlin, and for us to further bond together as mother and son!

Thank you all so very much!  We are ready to physically go to Zlin and serve the Lord there.  We are hoping and praying to go in January 2014, which is really just around the corner!

In the joy of our Savior,
Miriam and Evan Grady

PS.  Just to let you know about the weather in Zlin in January.   The average high is 33F, while the average low is only 24F!  Quite a change from Sarasota!

Practicing for Outreach to Kids and Families
One of the things that we are planning on being involved in once we move to Zlin is sharing our lives and the love of Christ with children and families.  It is something that I am really looking forward to - it is a group that I really love, a group God is preparing both and Evan and I to love, and a group with whom God is giving us a lot of hands on experience!

For the past two months (and until we leave) I have had the privilege working part-time as the Children's Ministry Director at our home church in Sarasota.  While it has been a lot of work, it has also been so rewarding and much fun!  It has given me a taste of what it's like to minister and serve as a mom with a young child.   It is a balancing act most of the time - with home life, school, missions and support raising, friends and family, and working at church.  While it's not easy to be stretched and pulled, it is so good.  It's the joy that comes when you know that you are exactly where God wants you to be and you're fully engaged in the fight, not just watching from the sidelines.   Now it's time to move to Czech Republic!

In addition to getting to be with the kids, I've been able to organize volunteers, curriculum, meet with and get to know parents, and plan events.  One of the big projects I have been working on is the annual Kids Fair.  It's a huge event with bounce houses, crafts, games, face painting, and lunch as well as groups like the Humane Society from the community.  It's is something the whole church is able to offer to the community.  Please join us as we pray for 200 kids, plus their families!

Also, please pray for God to prepare the ground for us in Zlin - for Him to allow the seeds to fall on fertile soil and for Him to allow us to quickly make friends in our new community.

Following a map and becoming a pirate
While we were in Czech Republic and Slovakia this summer, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Kris and Paula Lundgaard.  Kris and Paula are also missionaries with Mission to the World, and we served together in Trnava, Slovakia for several years.  In June they moved to central Slovakia to a village named Strecno in order to further study Slovak language.  After the exhaustion of English Camp it was so wonderful to be able to visit with them and slow down a little bit.  (It was also great because Paula is a grandmother whose grandchildren live far away, and therefore she is ready to spoil any small children - and by extension their moms!)  It was a very restful and refreshing few days. 

Kris and Paula have a very dear friend named Otila who also lives in Strecno.  She is one of the kindest, most patient people I've ever met.  She is a music teacher and loves children.  During our time in Strecno she took it upon herself to provide recreation for us.  We went to her cottage by the Danube River and had a fantastic meal, we went for walks and for ice cream, and she introduced Evan to her handmade instruments.  (See all the pictures here:   But the best part was when she and her husband showed up to take us on a pirate adventure!  After donning a bandana head-covering, a mustache, and an eye patch we a went by boat across the Danube River to an island.  There Evan had to follow an "ancient" treasure map to find the treasure.  Evan loved every second of it.

I share this all for several reasons.  One is that when we go to Zlin, we will have a great support system "on the ground".  We have the Johnny and Annette Johnson (, our new friends from Zlin, as well as the Lundgaards, and friends from Trnava.  Second is to ask you to pray for the Lundgaards - pray for them to really learn Slovak, for it to sink deep into their mind and hearts, and pray for them as they reach out to those in their village of Strecno.  The third reason is for you to pray that once we are in Zlin that God will quickly knit our hearts together with the Czechs - both individually and as a people.

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