Friday, March 1, 2013

Strawberry Picking

Most people in Slovakia either have a garden of their own or have an aunt or uncle or grandparents that do - and usually they grow a lot.  Slovaks are a very giving and hospitable people and it's not  uncommon for friends to give you (or make you take) boxes or buckets filled with fruit. 

The result is that you eat A LOT of what's in season and then you make jam!  One of my dear friends taught me how to make jam one afternoon.  She taught me a way to make it without having to process the jars.  (Processing the jars is making the jam, putting it in the jars, and then submerging them in boiling water.)  It makes the whole process much easier!  It was a memorable afternoon because she is also a single mom and was one of the first people I really talked with when I was praying about adopting Evan.

Last February my sister, Karen, was visiting with her kids and we decided to go strawberry picking.   We thought we would go and pick some.  Two adults and four kids five and under.  How much could we pick?  We ended up picking 50 POUNDS!  It was fun, and I got lots of jam-making practice.

This year it was time to go again, and Evan and I went with some dear friends from Sarasota.  Last Monday, Bekah and her two children and Evan and I again went strawberry picking.  We picked with moderation this year!!  Altogether we picked about 26 pounds which was just right.  Enough for some jam, for eating, and for freezing.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The farm that we went to has a small petting zoo and playground. 

We had a wonderful time - I love it when I can mix my lives (my European one and my American one) together.  

Getting ready
Bekah and her daughter

Finding the perfect one!

Feeding the goats

I'm not sure who was feeding whom.  The cow decided Alice's fingers were food too.

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