Monday, April 22, 2013

April 2013 Newsletter

When are we leaving? How many more sleeps?

The Lord has used you to be the hands of His faithfulness!  You support us and love on us through your financial gifts, your prayers, your love, and your time.  Thank you all so much.  In the past several months, almost $1000 in monthly pledges have come in!  Our God is so good.  We would LOVE to be in Zlín by summer, and through you that is possible!

Mission to the World (MTW) has strict guidelines that say that we must be at 100% before we can leave for Czech Republic.  Right now we are at 75%.  Will you help us get to 100%?
How can you help?

You can pray for Evan, for me, and for the people in Zlin, Czech Republic.

You can give financially - either one time or monthly or both:)

You can give on-line through MTW's secure website at:


You can call MTW at 678-823-0004, and they can set you up.  Our account number is #12730.

We are asking you to come alongside and partner with us as we hold out the words of hope in Christ to a spiritually lost nation! 

With great love,  
Miriam and Evan Grady

Home Ministry Assignment (HMA)

What do you do with your time?  It's not a question that I get asked a lot, but it's a question that I often wondered about missionaries when they were on this mysterious thing called HMA (or what used to be called furlough).

This past year, I have gotten very involved in the life of my home church in Sarasota, FL.  I am helping with Kids Klub (you can see in the picture we visited a local nursing home and passed out Valentine's Day cards), I am teaching and co-teaching two women's Bible studies, active on the missions team, and generally very involved in the life of the church.

When I started teaching the women's Bible studies, I was very nervous.  While I have taught a lot, it has always been with people who were about the same age or younger than me -- teaching a "real" women's Bible study was definitely out of my comfort zone.  Most of the ladies are 15-25 years older than me.  I have enjoyed it so much and have gained so much wisdom and insight from them.  It has been such a privilege to lead them!

We have also spent LOTS and LOTS of time visiting and planning future trips.  While it can get tiring, it has been so much fun to get to know people, catch up with others, and introduce Evan.

The other parts of my time are spent doing fun administrative tasks:)  Updating databases (like this new fancy newsletter format), emailing, promotional material, etc.

While it has been good, our hearts are longing to be set down in Zlin!



Visiting - Past and Future

One of the joys of being on HMA is the ability to visit with so many of you!  In February we visited Flintstone, GA; Lake Suzy, FL; and Ft. Myers, FL.  In March we visited Chestnut Mountain, GA; Augusta, GA; and Opelika, AL.

The first week of May we will be in the Chattanooga area to celebrate my cousin's graduation from Covenant.  Then at the the end of the month we will head north where we will visit with Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Ada, MI and Westminster Presbyterian in Elgin, IL.

It has been so much fun and so encouraging!  I have loved introducing you to Evan.  You all have welcomed him with open arms!


A Missionary to Czech Republic

In case you were wondering what a missionary to Czech Republic looks like -- here you go!  In March, Evan and I were privileged to attend the Mission Conference at Chestnut Mountain Presbyterian Church.   While we were there, Evan also got to make several crafts, and this was my favorite one!

Since most of the conferences have been smaller, Evan had not yet had a chance to really interact with other missionary kids (often referred to as MKs).   He loved getting to know a few of them.  Mostly though he was excited to know that he was not the only one.  It's fun to see the gears clicking in his mind as he begins to put different things together.   He is getting more and more excited to go to "Checker Plublik' -- as he calls it!

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