Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Often Do You Pray?

Another good article.  And really quite sad - not only about Czech Republic (which is the only country in the single digits) but about the state of our world in general.

How often do you pray? 

(from http://www.readersdigest.com.au/pray-global-survey)

Read the results of our global poll.

From Mumbai to Mudgee, where you live influences how much you pray. Or so shows this month’s global survey. Just 23% of Australians say they pray daily, while 66% of people in Malaysia, the Philippines and India are daily worshippers. In Europe 65% of respondents in the Czech Republic claim to never pray, followed by those in the Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK. The trend stops across the Atlantic, where 55% of Americans pray daily. See full results below.

A total of 150 respondents in each country participated in the poll.

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