Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exciting News

Dear Friends,

It is always exciting to see God at work in our lives and in the lives of the people around us.  As you know Evan and I are preparing to share the love of Christ in Czech Republic as missionaries. While we are still raising support and cannot yet go long-term, God has opened the doors for us to go for several weeks this summer.  We will be leaving on July 10 and return August 13.  We're very excited! 

We will spend about a week in Zlin visiting with people, seeing some apartments, and visiting some schools.  All of it will help both of us (and especially Evan) get an even better picture of life for us.  We will also spend a week at English Camp.  I will be teaching an intermediate English class, and Evan will also attend a children's English class.  We will also be able to visit friends in Slovakia, as well as the church plant in Trnava.  

The following is a short slide show that I put together for my home church.   It has pictures of previous English Camps,  our new co-workers, and the faces of Zlin.  Enjoy and try to guess what song it is.  

As I was thinking about how best to talk about the great need of the gospel in Czech Republic.   It's not an "attractively poor" country as one of my friends would say.   The standard of living is not low.  But is a a country that is spiritually impoverished.  The definition of the word pagan is a good description.  Merriam Webster defines a pagan as, "one who has little or no religion who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods; an irreligious or hedonistic person."  It is an apt description. (By the way the song is Shout to the Lord.)

The people of Czech Republic desperately need to know, hear, see, and experience the love of Christ lived out before them.

Please pray for us!  Pray for us as we travel - almost 15 hours of airport time (not counting the five hours of time in the car), for English Camp, and for our time in Slovakia.  The church in Trnava, Slovakia is the midst of deciding how best to use their limited financial resources - pray for wisdom and discernment.

Thank you SO MUCH for your love, care, financial support, and prayer support!

In His love,
Miriam and Evan

PS. If you don't yet partner with us and would like to - please click on the following link:  Mission to the World - Miriam Grady.

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