Monday, June 3, 2013

Visiting in Chattanooga!

My brother Ben entertaining the young cousins- 9 kids and the oldest is 6!  Dale (the oldest at 13) found something other than playing ball and Ring around the Rosy to do - eat cake:)

One of the many joys we have is having the opportunity to meet with so many of you!

Evan and I spent the first week of May in Chattanooga, TN celebrating my cousin Brian Hess' graduation from Covenant College.   Brian's whole immediate family was able to go to Chattanooga too.  We had a wonderful time getting to hang out.

We got to spend time with an old college friend, who is now a professor at Covenant!  And then go to a baseball game with sister Karen's family.

Johnny and Annette Johnson (the couple that I have the honor of working with in Zlin) and their daughter Erin were also able to come out to the cabin and meet and visit with much of the family.  They were treated to the very fancy meal of hobo dinners.  If you don't know what that is, it's when you take aluminum foil and put ground beef, potatoes, carrots, etc. in the foil and then wrap it all up and cook it over the fire.  Very fancy:)  It was so much fun!

Two of the great delights of being at my parents' cabin is being outside and getting to catch bugs, frogs, turtles, and even snakes.  (I'm trying to teach Evan that even though I think they are all pretty gross -- they are still cool:) )  The other delight is the joy of fire!  Since it was still chilly while we were there, we took every opportunity to have a fire!

Proudly holding a snake that my Dad killed with a shovel
 More photos after the jump....

Evan and Roger at the Chattanooga Lookout's game

Cousins playing cornhole

Even Claire was playing cornhole

The cousins enjoying ice cream on the porch (L-R) Roger, Evan, Lena, Clarire

Then things got a little crazy....

Roasting marshmallows! Mnam!

Trying to take our own picture!

More marshmallows!

"Uncle" Dave's Band - Telemonster   This was a HUGE highlight that included lots of dancing.  Really Dave (the keyboardist) is my first cousin, but since other kids call him Uncle Dave that's what stuck with Evan too!

Jumping on the trampoline - Evan, my sister Karen's kids, my cousin Rich's kids, and my cousin Erin's kids!

Carter (my cousin Erin's youngest) and Roger

Photography by Evan


  1. Aw, great pictures - definitely fun had by all!

  2. Am so happy for you Miriam. Love seeing the pictures of you and Evan and seeing how God has blessed you and him with each other. And just noticed that your cousin is in our nephews' band. Ben VanderHart and Josh Barrett are both children of Paul's siblings. So that's really cool. It will be great fun to visit you in Zlin one of these days. Love, Liz Meiners